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Why Us?


Quint Sports Dubai, a subsidiary of Sun Sport Pvt Ltd India, was incorporated on the premise that we needed a dedicated portal to enhance an average Sport Fan’s ticketing and travel experience.

We saw  a gap between the sports experience on offer and what the sport fan desires and we aim to fulfill this in our trademark way – to work on it like it’s the demand of one of our own family member. Welcome to our world and enjoy the ride as we enthrall you with our wide range of sporting products.


Quint Sports & Events Ticketing LLC

(Subsidiary of Sun Sports Pvt Ltd India)


#412, 4th Floor, The Bridge
Dubai Sports City, Dubai, UAE


Telephone: +971 48189060 / +971 55 5667832

Email: enquire@quintsports.com

What We Aim To Do


We envision ourselves to be a leading sports brand,
rendering value in all that we venture to do.